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Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 1
Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 1
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) Tony Lee
Penciller(s) Aneke
Colorist(s) Alex Starling
Letterer(s) Marshall Dillon
Cover Artist(s) Ardian Syaf (Cover A)
Sergio Fernandez Davila (Cover B)
Adaptation of
Published August 13, 2014
Collected in
Reprinted as
ISBN 725130219275
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Welcome to the world of Battlestar Galactica as never seen before, as #1 NYT Bestselling Author Tony Lee gives it a Steampunk spin! After Professor Baltar's clockwork Cylonics destroy the Colonial Empire, Arch Duke Adama learns that his son Apollo is missing! It's up to Lady Athena to travel to the Sky Pirate world of the Rising Star and ask for help from the only hope she has — the disgraced Captain Starbuck and his humanoid / Daggit copilot Muffit...[1]



The Fall of Caprica

  • On Caprica, large Cylonics cause havoc and wreak destruction throughout a densely populated city. In the skies above, Vipers ineffectually fire upon them.
  • Zachary asks Crown Prince Apollo for a new attack plan. Apollo mistakenly confuses Zachary for Starbuck, who is lost to them.
  • On Apollo's order, they use grapples to drag down the Cylons as concentrated Viper firepower on the knees does the rest.
  • On Galactica, Fleet Admiral Tigh celebrates the downing of that Cylonic. * Adama orders the ship about while belting out a rousing speech on how Caprica will not fall.
  • Zachary sarcastically questions Apollo on how Caprica's been ordered to survive, and asks if that's how Apollo stays alive as well. Apollo retorts that being Crown Prince doesn't make him immortal, but it makes him act that way. Starbuck, too, acted that way and notes "look what happened to him."
  • Atlantia engages another towering Cylonic, which fires smaller versions of itself at it. These Knights board the ship and head to the control room.
  • As Apollo is reporting on this new act, a Knight climbs upon his Viper and smashes the canopy.
  • Aboard Atlantia, Knights enter the engine room and commandeer the vessel, overloading the solium core and steering the aetership into the planet itself.
  • Adama orders an evacuation of Caprica, realizing that the ship is now a bomb. The order is in vain, as Atlantia explodes and kills all life on Caprica.
  • The Flight Commander informs Adama that Apollo's vessel has been found floating in the atmosphere.
  • Tigh and Adama inspect the craft in the hangar. Tigh shares the belief that Apollo was sucked out when his plexi-crystal canopy broke.
  • Adama vows vengeance against Baltar and his creations as Lady Athena arrives with her page Boxey in tow.
  • Athena informs Adama that she had been visiting Lord Cain on Pegasus. Adama reminds her that he disapproves of that relationship, but is told that Cain is dead as Pegasus' destruction occurred prior to Atlantia's.
  • Athena examines the Viper, voicing her belief that Apollo may have survived. Tigh agrees that it could be possible if Baltar had desired it, and Athena believes that Apollo was abducted as a trophy for Baltar as destroying Caprica wasn't enough.
  • Incensed at this, Adama rebukes entertaining Apollo's survival and seeks vengeance instead, and ends the conversation.
  • Athena weeps, asking Tigh for help. Tigh notes that only one man could have a chance at saving Apollo—Flight-Lieutenant Starbuck, a deserter whose name is no longer spoken.
  • Tigh informs Athena of Starbuck's location on the border world of Rising Star, and that someone needs to remind Starbuck about his life debut to Apollo.
  • Now hopeful, Athena tells Boxey to ready her bubbleship for the trip.


  • The use of "1880" in the title notwithstanding, no special date designation is used in the depiction of the story itself.
  • Use of the Ovions in this saga could very well be a meta-nod to the "Selenites," the race of insect-like creatures from the H. G. Wells novel The First Men in the Moon. The depiction of insect-like creatures in science fiction originates from this story.

Character Comparisons

1880 Character TOS Counterpart Notes
Archduke Adama Commander Adama The 1880 counterpart is militaristic and concerned about revenge, and does not share the patriarchal approach portrayed aptly by Lorne Greene. The 1880 counterpart easily writes off his son, forbids Athena from pursuing the matter, and exemplifies many of Cain's qualities from the Original Series itself.
Crown Prince Apollo Captain Apollo The 1880 counterpart is acts as if he is immortal and has a vengeful side. Aside from those qualities, the Crown Prince shares many of the traits of his canonical counterpart, including a sense of idealism.
Lady Athena Lieutenant Athena The 1880 counterpart shares many of the technical know-how of her canonical counterpart, but beyond that the 1880 counterpart's development diverges (and, in notable ways, surpasses) from the canonical counterpart where she becomes important into the ongoing story.
Fleet Admiral Tigh Colonel Tigh The 1880 counterpart shares many of the qualities of his original counterpart. Very few differences exist.
Lieutenant Starbuck Lieutenant Starbuck The 1880 counterpart shares many of the qualities of his original counterpart. Very few differences exist.
Lieutenant Boomer Lieutenant Boomer The 1880 counterpart is forced into exile due to his life being saved through the use of Baltar's prosthetics. Aside from that, very little differs from the canonical version.
Lieutenant Jolly Flight Sergeant Jolly The 1880 counterpart is forced into exile due to his life being saved through the use of Baltar's prosthetics. Aside from that, very little differs from the canonical version.
Zachary Ensign Zac The 1880 counterpart appears to have no familial relation to Adama, Apollo or Athena.
Lord Cain Commander Cain The 1880 counterpart is never fully developed, and so much of his character is inferred by those who react to him. In this version, he does not have Adama's respect, as Adama disapproves of the relationship Cain has with Athena.
Queen Sheba Lieutenant Sheba The 1880 counterpart appears to be "in name only" as she has no familial relation to Cain—particularly as she also has a sister, Cassiopeia. Many of her issues with Cassiopeia are similar to the rivalry (wherein Starbuck is concerned) between Cassiopeia and Athena.
Queen Cassiopeia Cassiopeia The 1880 counterpart appears to be "in name only" as she has a sister, Sheba. Many of her issues with Sheba are similar to the rivalry (wherein Starbuck is concerned) between Cassiopeia and Athena.
Boxey Boxey The 1880 counterpart is a manservant, or page, of Lady Athena. He shares very little childish tendencies and is exceedingly proper.
Muffit Muffit The 1880 counterpart is a humanoid creature with a predilection for instability. Aside from the name, Muffit isn't a lovable robot daggit.
Professor Baltar Baltar / Imperious Leader The 1880 counterpart is the master of the Cylonics, and betrays his race due to his thirst for power. Baltar also creates his own leadership position using the bombastic title of "Imperious Leader."
Count Iblis Iblis The 1880 counterpart is a computer scientist and inventor, and has a hand in creating the Cylonics and the babbage computer, Lu-c-fer. Iblis is merely human (as opposed to his counterpart), but also has his own thirst for power and attempts to seize it by transferring his consciousness into Lu-c-fer.
Lu-c-fer Lucifer The 1880 counterpart is the babbage computer server and coordinator of the Cylonics, and is under Baltar's control.


As this comic book series is approached as a "blank slate" by the author, a merging of various themes from both the Original Series, Re-imagined Series, and even Caprica occur here.


Revising the origin story of the robotic enemy, the Cylonics are created by humans, echoing the Cylons creation in the Re-imagined Series story. What differs here is the reason for the Cylonics creation and how they are used: first to fight the Ovions, who war with the humans of the Twelve Colonial Empires, and then to fight at Baltar's behest when he seeks dominion over the Empire.

The inclusion of a human Count Iblis is a nod to the fallen "Being of Light" depicted in "War of the Gods," as well as Iblis' manipulative role in creating the robotic Cylons. 


Noteworthy Dialogue

Adama: This is Archduke Adama of the aethership Galactica. Caprica will not fall. I repeat—Caprica will. Not. Fall.
Zachary: You hear that, Apollo? Caprica's been ordered to survive this! Is that how he keeps you alive? Orders for you to live?
Athena: Calm, Boxey—there's the bar that the old man spoke about. Do you still think this is nothing but an elaborate trap?
Boxey: Absolutely, ma'am. We're certain to due within a matter of centons.
Athena: (after entering the bar) See? Nothing to worry about.
Boxey: I stand corrected, ma'am. Until we're viciously mutilated by pirates, that is.
  • Starbuck talks to Athena about the two queens (Sheba and Cassiopeia) of Rising Star:
Athena: Two queens?
Starbuck: It's complicated. They're sisters, each believing that they have more right to rule.
Athena: You've been playing them off against each other, haven't you?
Starbuck: Pretty much.

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